compassion v. justice

I went to see the David Crowder movie tonight.  It was good.  Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect.  And I enjoyed it.  I wanted to get up and dance the whole time but I stayed in my seat.  That sounds like a metaphor for worship. 

Continuing, the best part of the movie/concert/experience was the story Dave Crowd, as my ticket declared, told of his friend.  

He said that he and his friend were talking about compassion vs. justice and his friend said that they are completely separate things.  This confused me because I had always tied them together.  As I am sure that most of you do also.  

Anyways, his friend said that compassion is like coming to a river and seeing a person floating in it with nothing to keep them above water.  Compassion is the act of helping them out of the water. 

Justice, however, goes another step by not just helping them out of the water but actually going upstream and stopping the person from pushing them in the water.  And when they see the injustice, they take the initiative to stop it.  

Compassion is usually reaction while justice is always action.


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