Ever have one of those moments where you just have to get away?  Not because of anything being wrong, but just because?  

Last night around 11:30 I went for a ride.  I just wanted to go for a ride.  I needed to clear my head.  And man, God used it to hit me about a lot of things.  

Then I went to Sheetz and got a Mountain Dew Slushie.  Those are amazing.  
Mountain Dew plus Slush = heaven in a cup.

While at Sheetz, this man came up to me while I was in the bathroom.  He started talking to me while I was doing my business.  It was quite weird.  Note to all guys – don’t talk to the guy next to you in the public bathrooms unless you know them.  

To top it off this was an old dude.  So I felt like I had to oblige him for respect-the-elderly purposes.  He is asking me all these things and I simply respond each time by saying, “yep” or “nope.”  I don’t want this conversation in the first place and then he continues to pester me.  Well I was only doing number 1 so I got to leave quickly.  

This whole ackward situation made me think about some things.

How willing are we to be open with people in embarrassing situations?  I mean, how often can we just start a conversation with someone?  Especially someone who has no common interests with us?  Are we able to share something with someone who is a complete stranger?  

Does it have to be something that is joyous for us to share?  What about a joke?  What about a sad story? How long do we have to know someone before we can open up our soul to them?  Can you do this too soon?  Or wait too long?  

Where is the best place for a conversation?  Coffee?  Lunch?  Why do most of our conversations have to take place over food when most people don’t like to pay attention too well over a meal?  How long should we set aside for a good conversation?  Meeting up with a long lost friend should take how much time?  New acquaintance?  

Why does it take us so long to get to an actual conversation rather than superficial b.s.?  How often should God come up when you are both Christians?  What about when one is a Christian and one is an atheist?  One a Buddhist and the other a follower of Christ? 

How many times are we going to keep telling the same stories without living new ones?  On that note, why do most comedians simply rehash their old jokes over and over?


One thought on “questions

  1. I like this one. Really, I just like questions because they make us think. Im going to write a blog one day that is nothing but questions.

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