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4 days since last blog post.  Sorry, my internet is not working on my computer and honestly, I have been quite busy with seminary things.  

How is everyone?  What has your week looked like?  What dreams are coming true in your life?

Well for me, not much has changed.  In my quiet time, I have just finished working through the book of Ephesians and now I am about to either start through Genesis or Exodus.  I think I might work my way through the whole Torah.  I figured that since the Jewish scholars say it is the most important part of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), then it is pretty special.  So why not? 

I have a couple videos for you to watch.

Here you go:


6 thoughts on “videos and fun

  1. When he says “There are needs and then there are needs”, he basically means there are real spiritual needs and there are less-pressing (though important) natural needs. Sorry I wasn’t clearer on that.

    I totally agree that meeting the needs of our neighbors and loving them is mandated and should be important to us. But I think it’s important to make sure we have a clear distinction between what is the gospel and what we must do in light of that gospel.

  2. Point taken, bro.

    I agree with you that spiritual needs are the biggest and should be first and foremost. But there are so many instances where Jesus meets the physical needs and then steps up to meet their other needs, mainly their lack of faith in God through his Son.

    I think that Tony Campolo is simply pointing out that the physical needs are sometimes ignored all together. I think that that is terrible.

    We, as a Church, need to step up our service towards loving our neighbor. And of course, that means that we should meet their need of a Savior by pointing them to Jesus. But also looking to meet their needs in the present moment here on this earth. Sometimes, others won’t even let us talk to them about eternity unless we face their current reality.

    Also, I don’t fully understand the Piper quote you put on here. “there are needs and then there are needs.” What exactly does he mean? Maybe, I am just slow, or it is late. Either way, lost.

  3. I agree with some of what he says. I think reducing Jesus to a political party is dangerous and an affront to the gospel. But there are other aspects of Campolo and some others that hold a similar view that bother me. While I agree that Jesus helped the poor and, as James says, pure religion is helping orphans and widows, the “message of the Bible” is the Gospel. The message of Jesus is the Gospel, namely that we are sinners deserving the full, just wrath of God and that God, in His mercy, has provided a means of salvation from that wrath through his son Jesus’s death and resurrection. Anything other than that is ultimately periphery.

    Don’t get me wrong. Helping the poor is great. It is needed. It has been overlooked by most of America. Much of America is rich, greedy, and idolatrous. BUT, to say that the message of Jesus is the help the poor is to distort the Gospel.

    John Piper said in one of his sermons something to the effect of “there are needs and then there are needs”. We must never strive to fill physicals need at the cost of distorting or not meeting spiritual need. We do help the oppressed and feed the poor, in light of the Gospel.

  4. There are so many things I agree with here. His thoughts about putting Jesus into a political party. Not helping the poor when that is a commandment.
    I think it is really great to hear him speak up about the attacks that some evangelicals put on him because he reached out to help Clinton in that horrible time of his presidency. Very noble action especially when not required of him.

    And as Tony Campolo said, in reference to Jesus, sometimes we miss the big picture issues when we are so focused on the little things. This thing is so true in my life and I believe it carries over into other realms of Christianity .

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