complacency and falling short

I read this today and it hit me about my own complacency as well as the American Church’s lack of passion and falling short when standing firm in our beliefs.

The easiest circumstances are often the hardest ones in which to be faithful.  Many believers whose faith is strengthened by hard times find it is weakened when the battlefield is quiet.  Christianity is often impotent when it is acceptable.” – John MacArthur (from Ephesians commentary).

I feel that if we had more trials for our faith here then we would be so much stronger.  Is it wrong to pray for conflict in order to sharpen our faith?  What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “complacency and falling short

  1. I agree. I was simply noting that if we had more persecution, we would likely be forced to have either more faith or simply, leave the faith.

    Sometimes being forced to choose will greatly enhance our beliefs.

  2. I think it’s more direct just to pray that God sharpens our faith. I don’t know of anywhere that the Bible states that we should pray for persecution or challenge. However, it does talks of fighting the fight of faith.

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