Dear Fifa Soccer 08

Dear Fifa Soccer 08,

First off, let me say I love you.  Let me continue with – I hate you. 

Seriously, why do I get so mad every time I play you?  Win, lose, same result.
Anger.  Fits of rage take over me almost every second of every game. 

I don’t understand this.  I think that I am going to have to give you up because you just make me too mad.  I mean come on, when I say shoot left, please shoot left.  When I say jump right on penalty kicks (which I have still yet to win one), jump right.  Come on, it is not that hard.

Who made you?  What were they thinking?  You are probably the best sports game that I have ever played but no game is done without me getting my rage on. 

Also, you suck.  Seriously, you suck.  At the current moment, I want to throw my controller down the street.  Down the street, and then run it over.  Then come back and place it in the microwave and feed it to Quincy to eat it.  Then puke it up and hand back it to the people that made you. 

In all seriousness, I hope you burn.  Just food for thought (get it, you will be eaten by a stinking dog). 

Your ex best friend,


4 thoughts on “Dear Fifa Soccer 08

  1. So Mladen says Im better then you and Will combined. I played him last night and he beat me 3-1 and his final two goals came in the 120th minute. Not to mention that was the second time I’ve ever played a game on xbox 360. So if you ever want to get really angry… play me.

    Love Mike

  2. Dear Jason,
    I love it when u play me, i still remember the first time you set your eyes on me it was like christmas, don’t be mad all relationships take work, we can work this out. I promise i’ll do better at following your directions when playing even though well you don’t always make the right moves. Let’s face it I’ve moved on Will is a better player, he is my new love,
    Yours truly,

    Fifa 08′ (aka Best game ever invented)

  3. Way to bring the knife Michelle. just kidding.

    I know technology should be used for God’s purposes but fifa just makes me mad.

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