NC state game

Today I experienced my first NC State football game.  It was great.  Instead of staying in our seats, which were great and close to the field, we had the hookups to go to the upstairs.  Some call these call these skyboxes, I will simply refer to them as the luxuries. 

So in the luxuries, we got to have a huge air-conditioner room to watch the game on tvs or we could go outside and get the padded seats close to the 50-yard line.  Needless to say, I was loving it, even though I am not much of a NCAA football fan or a NC State fan at any juncture.  I still enjoyed it.  Also in the luxuries, we got to have 2 meals of greatness (barbeque sandwiches, chicken fillets, chicken strips, all kinds of fruit, ice cream, popcorn, free refills on drinks, and much, much more).  It was a great day. 

State did not pull out a win but they did great against BCU.  I loved it nonetheless.  What did you do today?


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