prayer for one minute

Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of changes and a huge amount of decisions to make in my life. It has been quite frustrating and I admit that there were many times (most times actually) when my focus was on myself and not on what God is calling me to. So if you have been frustrated with me because of my lack of focus, please forgive me.

But God is opening and closing doors as you read/as I type, and it is quite exciting.

Well really I just wrote this for you to pray for me. Seriously, it would mean the world to me, if, as soon as you stopped reading this, you took a minute to pray for me. Don’t think long (because if you do, you won’t do it). Simply pray one minute. If more comes, thanks. But at least one.

Here are things I need prayer about:
Discernment, boldness to make those decisions, contentment based on those decisions, as well as being faithful in carrying out those decisions.

Or the shortened version for those who like lists:

Or an acronym for those who can’t remember much:
Dogs bark constantly forever.


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