do what you say

Word to the wise:
Do what you say.

Today, I got a great lesson on this. It all started a few months back, at the end of my spring semester. Sometime in May, I received an email that said that I was lacking the required number of chapel attendances. This didn’t shock me because I was fully aware that I did not do it adequately. However, previously she had told me that I needed to make up the ones that I missed (which I didn’t do) or I would be placed on chapel probation, whatever that means.

Now present day, she sends me an email saying that I am on chapel probation, to which I am aware (see last paragraph), and that I have yet to fulfill the requirements to get off of chapel probation. Now I am on probation as well as some other fun stuff.

Long story short – in order to get off the dreaded and somewhat serious probation, I now have to write a 7 page sermon/message that should be 30 minutes in length that I might be required to give in Binkley Chapel (which is where all the students at Southeastern gather at on Tuesdays and Thursdays). Halloween all over again (for those that don’t get my jokes – that simply means scary).

Do what you say. Don’t wait, because you might have to give a message in chapel in front of hundreds of people who are probably better than you at preaching. Way better, in my case.

What do you think that I should preach on?


3 thoughts on “do what you say

  1. i agree with will. talk about doing what you say and about doing what God calls you to do, regardless of the requirements.

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