new name

Realization – I want a new name.

Not because I hate mine.  But simply because of John 1.

I was reading during my quiet time this morning and had a huge realization (well, MacArthur helped me out a little).  You likely know this but oh well.  The disciple Peter has two names.  Going into this morning, I already knew this.  That is what seminary is for.

So in John 1, Peter (or as his real name, Simon) is just beginning to meet Jesus.  Before this day in Simon’s life, he did not know Jesus.  Then upon meeting Jesus, the dude gives him a new name.  Jesus simply says, “You are Simon son of John; you shall be called Cephas (or Peter).”

Imagine the audacity of someone giving you a new name.  Picture this – I go up to a guy I just meet (say his name is Chris).  You are Chris, well now I am going to call Bartholomew.

The real interesting thing is that I don’t have that power.  You don’t have the power to instantly change someone’s name and for them to just accept it.  But Jesus does.

Jesus can change my name anytime he wants.  And in fact, that is what I prayed today.  I prayed for God to give me a new name.

Like I said earlier, Jason is a great name.  I simply want a name that God gives me.  Also, here is the realization from MacArthur – if you survey the New Testament, you will notice that every time Jesus refers to Simon as Simon, it is because he is being rebuked.  But every time Jesus refers to the disciple as Peter, he is being praised.

Just from that idea, I want a new name.  It would be so much easier to go through life hearing Jesus call you your old name in order to realize where you messed up.  On the other hand, it would be really great to hear your new name being used, because then you know that God is changing you.

Just thought I’d throw that out for you…if you don’t want it just throw it back.


2 thoughts on “new name

  1. God told me to let you know that henceforth your new name shall be “Sinbad”.
    And God looked upon Sinbad and spake, “Let nothing I have done be undone, and let nothing I have created be blasphemed”
    And He turned to the crowds, knowing in His heart they rejected the name He had given and said, “Why do you think evil, you brood of vipers? Have you not heard, ‘I said to him while he was in the blood, live! and I picked Sinbad up and put a ring in his nose and clothed him with My garments.”

    It was a very specific message

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