original or copy

I wish I had more insights. 

Have you ever been in one of those places where you feel as if you are not unique enough?  A place where you feel as if all you do is copy others?  A place where you are not original and/or authentic? 

Lately, I have felt this way concerning my life. 
Where do you think you fall along those lines? 

Are you an original or copy? 

Francis Chan told a story about Harold Miner.  He was a prospect for the NBA a few years back.  Though he never made the headlines for his NBA career, he did make a set of commercials that centered around others asking him questions like, “Are you going to be the next Larry Bird?  the next Magic Johnson?  Or even the next Michael Jordan?”  And he answered those by saying that “no, he is not going to be the next Michael Jordan, because he is going to be the first Harold Miner.” 

So I ask you again: 

Are you an original or copy?


10 things I love about Christmas

10 things I love about Christmas (in no particular order):

1) the Bond marathon that always happens days before.
2) the Christmas movie that plays all day Christmas day
3) Mariah Carey’s Christmas album (yep, the one from like ’95) 
4) spending time with family (on Christmas day)
5) Harry Connick Jr. coming out with other Christmas albums
6) watching Elf
7) watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
8) Bunch family Christmas (Sunday before Christmas)
9) waking up late everyday leading up to Christmas and then going to bed Christmas eve night and not being able to sleep (it happens every year)
and finally
10) seeing almost everyone in every store being nice to everyone else

being small

Have you ever been in a place where you wish for things to go your way completely? 

Well right now, that is my desire.  And God is showing me just how selfish I really am through all this.  It is quite astounding to look into the depths of your soul and realize just how deeply you love yourself above any one or any thing else. 

But I am quite humbled by God showing me this because I am constantly being reminded of a quote from Louie Giglio in his book, i am not but I know I AM

He said

That’s the complete story-the entire Gospel-the whole truth about who you are.  You are small, but you can be on a first-name basis with I AM.  You’re beyond tiny, but every ounce of you has been bought and redeemed by God’s Son.  You are a galatic nobody-in fact 99.9999999999999999999999 percent of the people on earth have never heard of you.  Bu God knows everything about you and calls you His own.”

For some odd reason, right now in this moment, I am taking great comfort in knowing that I am small but that God is simply calling me His own. 

Knowing I am small makes me feel that
my problems are small,
my errors are small,
my trials are small,
my hopes and dreams can be accomplished,
my life can count in the end (however small it may be),
my path can be traveled,
and that my God will be there through everything. 

I’d rather be small, then try to do everything myself.

08 music favs

Over the next week or so I am going to come up with my favorite songs of this year. 

I just wanted to spread the excitement.  What are your favorite songs which you discovered this year? 

Not songs that came out this year.  Songs that you first heard this year. 

Mine will be passed on to you shortly.

there are stalkers everywhere

How funny is it when people in other cars look at you funny because they think you are talking to yourself when you actually have a bluetooth accessory in your ear?  How great is it to be singing full out in your car and have a young boy staring at you as if you are dragon from a far off land?  And how tragic is it to be caught speeding with a Jesus fish on the back of your car? 

Remember that people everywhere are watching you. 

What will they see?