new holiday, new experiences

This time of season is wonderful.  I truly like it.  I have always liked it and I will also probably continue to like it. 

I know that the holidays are full of materialism and so many times, I buy into this thinking., however, I am very glad that this holiday season is here because if one looks at the economic crisis, one can see that now is the time for people to see that God is all they need. 

This is the worst economic crisis to take the nation by storm since the Great Depression (as I know you are aware because every single news station reminds you every 10 minutes) and because of the recession taking place now, people are finally able to see past their luxuries and begin to look to God for comfort, strength and, of course, peace.  For that, I rejoice more for this holiday season than almost any previously. 

Plus, I love waking up on Christmas.  I am not sure why but I can never sleep the night before, no matter what. 

What are your thoughts this holiday season?


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