God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men

Well as some of you are aware, my family is in a bit of a health crisis right now. 

Over the past couple weeks, all 3 of my uncles and my dad have been hospitalized overnight.  Never before have I seen anything like this and it is quite frustrating and scary.  But God is sovereign. 

This simple fact (that God is sovereign) has been resonating in my life recently and I am honestly quite ecstatic at the timing of that.  It seems that God is bringing me to a point of deeper faith.  For months, I have not been where I should be spiritually or physically and I believe that the things going on with my family have deepened my faith more than ever before. 

Right now, I feel as if I have nothing.  I have no job.  Not even one on the horizon.  I have chaos financially because of the previous sentence’s truth.  I have family issues going on.  I have exams and papers.  Everything with the economy seems to be stressing me out (thanks major news networks).  But I don’t care.  God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men. 

But yet through it all, one simple phrase has been getting me through all this –

In the chaos, in confusion, I know that You’ll sovereign still 
taken from “None but Jesus” by Brooke Frasor – Hillsong)


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