removing the blinders

Well, I am not sure if I have said this on the blog (just checked – nope I haven’t) – but I stepped down from the Patio.  Most of you are probably already aware but I just thought I’d let you in on it. 

Just to make positive, there are no ill feelings or anything of that manner.  I just simply felt God pulling me a different direction and it was reciprocated.  However, I rejoice at the thought of what God is going to do through the lives of those involved and how He is going to use them to reach the community of Reedy Fork. 

So now it is said.  Continuing, being virtually unemployed is difficult, especially when there is not something necessarily in sight.  Also, this is probably the one of the worst times in American history to be looking for a job but I am very sincerely happy and joyous at the doors that God might show me to walk through.   

One thing that gets me through all this is finding peace in God.  What I truly need in my life is contentment in God.  And there is no better time than now to learn how to be content in all things.  It seems that God has a mighty big lesson to teach me at the moment and for the first time, in a long time, I am yearning to listen and obey fully with a heart of gratitude for anything that comes my way. 

What might God need to take away from you so you may see what He is trying to show you?  In other words, what kind of blinders might you have up at the moment?


One thought on “removing the blinders

  1. “What I truly need in my life is contentment in God.”

    Dang. How true. This is so applicable to so many people, myself definitely included. But I long to be where you are: yearning to listen and obey fully with a heart of gratitude. I’ll be prayin for you, Jason, and God will provide, I know you know that but sometimes it’s good to hear encouragement.

    I respect you for be willing and actually giving up something you loved for your Lord.

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