there are stalkers everywhere

How funny is it when people in other cars look at you funny because they think you are talking to yourself when you actually have a bluetooth accessory in your ear?  How great is it to be singing full out in your car and have a young boy staring at you as if you are dragon from a far off land?  And how tragic is it to be caught speeding with a Jesus fish on the back of your car? 

Remember that people everywhere are watching you. 

What will they see?


One thought on “there are stalkers everywhere

  1. I live in the state of georgia. I have stalkers in the sky, and on land. They follow me every where I go. Every day without fail. What do they want? When I am driving in my car and put on Micheal Jackson CD Thriller the people that are stalking me
    seem to get very upset when I play that song.

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