a story with heart

I have to admit this, I don’t really read stories that people email me.  Usually because they are so darn long (yeah, I also don’t read long blog posts most of the time).  But this one came from a great friend so I take a gander at it (yep, bringing the word ‘gander’ back). 

Caution – this one is longer than I normally write, but I promise you it is worth it.  Read it all, I beg you. 

Here it is for your reading pleasure: 


In a supermarket, Kurtis the stock boy, was busily working when a new voice came over the loud speaker asking for a carry out at register 4.  Kurtis was almost finished, and wanted to get some fresh air, and decided to answer the call. As he approached the check-out stand a distant smile caught his eye, the new check-out girl was beautiful. She was an older woman (maybe 26, and he was only 22) and he fell in love.
Later that day, after his shift was over, he waited by the punch clock to find out her name. She came into the break room, smiled softly at him, took her card and punched out, then left. He looked at her card, BRENDA.
He walked out only to see her start walking up the road. Next day, he waited outside as she left the supermarket, and offered her a ride home.  He looked harmless enough, and she accepted. When he dropped her off, he asked if maybe he could see her again, outside of work. She simply said it wasn’t possible.
He pressed and she explained she had two children and she couldn’t afford a baby-sitter, so he offered to pay for the baby-sitter.  Reluctantly she accepted his offer for a date for the following Saturday. That Saturday night he arrived at her door only to have her tell him that she was unable to go with him.  The baby-sitter had called and canceled. To which Kurtis simply said, “Well, let’s take the kids with us.”
She tried to explain that taking the children was not an option, but again not taking no for an answer, he pressed. Finally Brenda, brought him inside to meet her children. She had an older daughter who was just as cute as a bug, Kurtis thought, then Brenda brought out her son, in a wheelchair.  He was born a paraplegic with Down Syndrome.
Kurtis asked Brenda, “I still don’t understand why the kids can’t come with us?” Brenda was amazed. Most men would run away from a woman with two kids, especially if one had disabilities – just like her first husband and father of her children had done. Kurtis was not ordinary – – – he had a different mindset.
That evening Kurtis and Brenda loaded up the kids, went to dinner and the movies. When her son needed anything Kurtis would take care of him.  When he needed to use the restroom, he picked him up out of his wheelchair, took him and brought him back. The kids loved Kurtis. At the end of the evening, Brenda knew this was the man she was going to marry and spend the rest of her life with. 
A year later, they were married and Kurtis adopted both of her children.  Since then they have added two more kids.
So what happened to Kurtis the stock boy and Brenda the check-out girl?
Well, Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Warner now live in Arizona, where he is currently employed as the quarterback of the National Football League Arizona Cardinals and has his Cardinals in the Super Bowl.
Is this a surprise ending or could you have guessed that he was not an ordinary person.
It should be noted that he also quarterbacked the Rams to victory in Super Bowl XXXVI. 
This story is awesome by the way.  So get this, the other day I was at a store and an older gentleman came up to me and told me that his two grandsons, who were a few yards away, thought I was Kurt Warner.  It brighted my day for some odd reason, then I read this about him.  I hope that my actions will reflect that of Kurt Warner.  Also, I thought it was kind of funny that now I am starting to look like a 40-year old man (it must be the gray hairs that are accumulating). 

He alone

I think one of the best things to happen in your life is to be forced to rely on God. 

Forced to stop looking to all your problems because they are so overwhelming and

I am realizing that God sometimes puts us in places where all we have is Him so that we realize He is all we need.

finding god on a car lot

Right now, I feel great.  Greater than I have felt in a couple months. 

Why, you ask, do I feel better?

It’s simple.  I now have a job lined up. 

Get this – I will be selling cars for a living.  Never in my wildest dreams could I have seen myself doing this but so far, I really enjoy it.  I have only really done training but still it has been fun. 

Also, I can see myself being quite good at it. 

The one thing that this whole experience has taught me is that God can do anything in your life.  And it will likely be through something that you never thought would happen. 

Keep looking for God in every place you stand…

shuffled 1/7/09

I looked at my iTunes this morning and I now have 23 gigs of music.  That is ridiculous.  I officially have an obsession with music that has lived since three years old. 

Here is the shuffle for today:
1 –  Eskimo – Damien Rice
2 –  Times – Tenth Avenue North
3 – The Way you look tonight – Frank Sinatra
4 – 50 ways to leave your lover – Paul Simon
5 –  I don’t know why – Ben Kweller
6 –  Job 19 – Shane and Shane
7 –  Offering – Jason Morant
8 –  Mr. Moonlight – the Beatles
9 –  People get ready – Asante
10 –  Rescued Ones – Robbie Seay Band

I must admit that I really enjoy this shuffle very much.

new year’s resolutions

So don’t be mad….I forgot to put my favorite songs from last year on this blog for you to partake. 

With the holidays, my current job search, and all, it simply slipped my mind.  I will try and get those up shortly. 

But for now, I just wish to say that new year’s resolutions are terrible.  Last year I made some, kept hardly any so this year I decided to not make any. 

Except to….

live my life fully. 

What that entails is exercising better (or simply sometimes).  Reading my Bible consistenly with God as the focus and not checking it off my to-do list.  Not being caught up in the whoa’s of tomorrow, but living in the wow’s of today.  And finally to actually pay attention to what I eat.