music to get through these times

Like Mladen I have been on a music kick lately.  Well, technically, I never am without music.  But I have been discovering new stuff and rediscovering some old. 

It has been great. 

So here is some things you should check out:

Coconut Records – Davy (album)
Saint Jerome

Mike Birbiglia – Two Drink Mike
“You’re like the boy who cried Mo-fo.” 
“I ain’t playing Scrabble with Jay-Z anytime soon…I am going to consult my dictionizza.” 
“You gotta dance, you gotta dance, and then I dance, and the ladies are like, ‘not like that.'”

Beyonce – “Single Ladies (put a ring on it)” 
This song has really been in my head the past few weeks.  Ever since I saw it on parodied on SNL with Paul Rudd. 

Fiction Family
When she’s near
War in my blood
(the good thing about this group is that it is a side project of Jon Foreman – from Switchfoot, and Sean Watkins – from Nickelcreek.  Also, the original title for the group was the Real Sean Jon – amazing title). 




Bon Iver
Blood Bank

Animal Collective
My Girls (very reminscient of the Beach Boys)

Randy Newman
You’ve got a friend of me

Bruce Springsteen
Glory Days
Working on a dream

The Kills
Crazy (cover of Patsy Cline)

Kim Walker
We Cry Out
How He Loves

Parachute, VA
She is Love


One thought on “music to get through these times

  1. Coconut Records are great. I love the song Microphone. You should check out their album Nighttiming. The song West Coast is brilliant. Mike Birbiglia, hmm. I never heard of this guy. I might have to check him out, sound pretty funny.

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