As most of you know, I am big fan of books. 

Here is one I thoroughly enjoyed and just finished:

Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell


Ever since I read the Tipping Point, I have tried to read everything that Malcolm Gladwell writes.  This one is great in my opinion.  It is about the story of success.  Success in our eyes is basically the luck of the draw but as Gladwell points out, where we came from will help determine where we are going. 

Quote of the book:
Successful people “are products of history and community, of opportunity and legacy.  Their success is not exceptional or mysterious.  It is grounded in a web of advantages and inheritances, some deserved, some not, some earned, some just plain lucky-but all critical to making them who they are.  The outlier, in the end, is not an outlier at all.” 

He starts the book by showing that an outlier is something that is situated away from or classed differently from a main or related body.  Basically, an outlier is an outsider who is markedly different from everything that surrounds them. 

I want to be an outlier.   How about you?


3 thoughts on “Outlier

  1. this makes me think of statistics because i have stats this semester and outliers are something that i’m studying. while stats is never a happy thought, i thought that i’d add that not only are outliers things that stray away from the majority but they also make a difference or a pull. like when you average all of the data together, that one outlier will cause a pull towards one end. yeah, that might be confusing but i thought i’d add it. oh stats….

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