what the future holds

Recently, I have been trying to find my calling.  In essence – find out who I am and what I am supposed to do with my life. 

It is my opinion that God calls each of us to do something specific with our lives.  Something that is unique for us as well as something that we alone can do with our specific set of skills and passions. 

In order to do this soul-searching activity, I have decided that everything I do should be done with excellence.  A Purple Cow type pursuit, if you will.  So I have spent some time trying to discern who I am and what I am good at. 

Here are some things I am planning for the near future:
1) spending quality time writing new songs to lead a generation in worship
2) networking to have some more music gigs around the area
3) promoting music lessons through local schools and community groups
4) getting a new blog interface as well as a new domain name to be more accessible and be more excellent in my endeavors
5) record an album
6) work on writing a book (this is a long time dream of mine and I honestly have done nothing to implement the idea)

Oh, before I forget, while looking for a domain name, I saw this.  Just so you know, people named Jason Bunch are awesome.  If you want, check out a 3rd Jason Bunch here and a 4th JB here

Google your name, let me know what came up.


quote of the day

Quote of the day comes from my facebook page:

“For many years, I have been seeking something. You might call it a spiritual quest or maybe a personal obsession. The goal of my exploration is to understand Jesus – and, in particular, his message. No, I don’t think I can contain it in my little brain. It’s not so much that I’m trying to get his great big message into my little head, it’s more that I’m trying to get my little head fully into Jesus’ message.”
-Brian McLaren-

The more I read this, the more I realize how true it is.

working hard

I am loving the motivation and passion that God is pouring out of me.  For some reason, I am desiring to work harder than I have ever before. 

I am not sure if this is due to the expectations that are placed on me at work and school.  Or if it’s due to the fact that I am getting married this summer.  Or if I simply have a new passion for the calling placed upon me.  Regardless, I am yearning to do something great for God that is uniquely me. 

Which reminds me of one of my favorite Scripture passages:

Whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.
Colossians 3:17

My advice to you:

Work harder than you ever have before,
doing what God is calling you alone to do.

the greatest man who ever lived

As many of you know, I am a sucker for books, especially when I am asked to promote good ones. 

So here is the one for the week:

The Greatest Man who ever lived – Steven K. Scott

I have not yet read this one but I have taken a gander at his other book, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, which my uncle got for Christmas this year.

This seems to be a great book and I am looking forwarding to reading it soon.  But for now read the blurb:

As you look at Jesus’s life, you will learn how to: 

  • How to break through the barriers that prevent them from achieving extraordinary success at work and relational success at home.
  • How to experience a level of happiness and fulfillment that nothing the world offers can duplicate.
  • How to use adversity and opposition as a springboard for greater success.
  • How to love others in a way that increases their love as well.

Also, here is some stuff about the author:

Steven K. Scott is the best-selling author of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken, and Mentored by a Millionaire. After failing in nine jobs, he started reading a chapter of Proverbs every day—and the wisdom of Scripture changed his life. Scott and his business partners have built more than a dozen multimillion-dollar companies from scratch, achieving billions of dollars in sales. He is the co-founder of Max International, Total Gym Fitness, and The American Telecast Corporation. He is a popular international speaker on the subjects of personal and professional achievement and the application of biblical wisdom to every area of life.  (Sounds like a guy who might know what he is talking about). 

If you are interested in ordering this book, I recommend that you get it here or here


Late last night, I had to type my understanding of the doctrine of Christ and it got me thinking. 

How come we don’t seriously spend time analyzing our beliefs?  If you are like me, then you probably believe the same things that you did a long time ago, which could be a great thing but it could be a very bad thing.  I bet some of you haven’t even evaluated why you believe certain things.  I know that is the case for me in certain areas. 

Today, ask yourself this question –

Why do I believe what I believe?  and Could I write a book on what I believe defending it with passion and authenticity?  (It doesn’t have to a faith issue either, what do you do that you don’t question, but merely accept?)  

These are thoughts that have been purging my soul since last night.

concentration vs. passion

If you are like me, you sometimes struggle to see whether God is working in you or not.  For me, I have the hardest time concentrating (on anything but mostly) on spending time alone with God.  For some reason, I simply can’t do it to the best of my abilities. 

I try and do it every morning but even though, I will read my Bible, I will sometimes slip into this phase of non-concentration where every single little thing becomes the ultimate distraction that can’t be dealt with. 

However, I am beginning to see light at the end of a tunnel.  I am realizing that my concentration is tied up with my passion, and nothing else. 

If I am passionate about something, no distraction will come up because I will have the utmost devotion to whatever I am passionate about. 

So that is my new prayer.  Not to become less distracted.  Or to become more concentrated.  But to become more passionate about God and more yearning to focus on God and my relationship with Him. 

When you have settled into a peaceful spirit and are fully aware of God’s presence; when earthly distractions are not your primary thoughts; when your soul has properly fed on God’s Word and you have chosen by an act of your will to believe it, you are now ready to communicate with your heavenly Father.” 

                                            – Madame Guyon