my stance on music

I am pretty excited about this weekend.  I am leading worship at a youth conference here in Greensboro and last night we had a rehearsal/jam session to get started. 

The practice was kind of crazy because all of the equipment was already packed up so we just did it acoustically.  It sounded really good with all the parts but it is hard to hear the full band without drums set up and electric guitars and all blaring.  But we got the jist of it.  After all the guys I am working with are really, really good and have their stuff together. 

Just so you know, my favorite part about music, ever since I can remember, is simply running the songs from start to finish.  I get tired of playing songs over and over especially when, in the past, people have to continue to run the same section over and over because they didn’t practice.  But when we can run the song in its entirety that is when joy stills my heart. 

So off to look for work.


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