Here is a list on how to pick a church from Vintage Church, by Mark Driscoll & Gerry Bershears:

  1. Is it in agreement with your die for and divide for issues?  Don’t be  afraid to ask.  Good churches will know where they on these issues.  Their leaders will be glad to discuss them with you.  If that is not so, pass on the church and seek another option.
  2. Does the preacher proclaim the Word clearly from the pulpit?  Do sermons speak to life?  If a church does not take preaching seriously, find one that does.
  3. Is it a place where your gifts can be developed and utilized in minstry?  Do you feel a connection with the people leading that ministry? 
  4. Do you connect with the worship style, the personality and culture of the church?  If the music makes you flinch, you won’t want to invite your unsaved friends.  You won’t do well in a church where not tucking your shirt in gets frowns from the deacons.  If you like wearing a dress to church but no one else does, you might want to keep looking if they judge you negatively.
  5. What is its reputation in the community?  If it were to close its doors, would community people be relieved or grieved? 
  6. Are there people there whom you know from other venues of your life?  If so, then you are more likely to make deep friendships. 
  7. Is Jesus the person everyone wants to please?  It seems a little elusive, but after all, it is all about him!

Which question do you like the most?


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