Christ is our example

It has been a very productive week for me.  The sad thing – I am not able to say that I am productive on a regular basis but God is really teaching me a lot through my new job sorting files and doing basic administrative work.  Be praying for every part of my life to be productive and that God would use seeds that I plant, realizing that He waters, to bring His name glory and His kingdom followers. 

To let you know, I recently started reading some church blogs again (to keep in perspective on what I know that I am called to do) and I found this one from Brad Cooper that exemplified who I wish to be. 

Check out the quote:

Christ is the paradoxical blend of humility and will.  He never walked into a room lacking confidence… He’s God… He knew the outcome… AT THE SAME TIME He never carried Himself in an arrogant and pretentious manner.  He was and is the walking definition of humility.”

That is good stuff.  Read the rest of his blog post here.

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