Well, I just noticed that I have been lying to my blog readers (or at least left out one very important detail of my life). 

I am engaged.  Yep, and I have not shared it with you as of yet.

But now you all know that I am engaged. 

The wedding is this summer and most of the details as of yet have been planned.  We still have small details to work out but most of the stress is gone. 

The reason I wished to share it with you today is because it is my fiance, Vickie’s, 24th birthday today. 

To celebrate, via the blog, I just wish to point out 24 things that I love about her.

  1. She is uber-hot (uber meaning more than any of you-sorry). 
  2. She is Mexican (not really but close enough).
  3. She makes me a better person.
  4. She challenges me.
  5. She is so much more relational than I am.
  6. She is definitely making me develop more of a fashion sense (at least in thought, if not wardrobe).
  7. She is so focused on being a great wife. 
  8. She loves to watch scary things but not unless I am there with her.
  9. She is finally letting me get her hooked on Lost (best show ever if you haven’t seen it).
  10. She waited around for me for like a year until I realized that we were meant for each other. 
  11. She can joke around with the best of them (as my family can attest).
  12. She is so smart because I don’t fully comprehend her sometimes. 
  13. She thinks out what she does and then does it to the best of her ability (initiative vs. ideation – great quality). 
  14. She wants to please God so much with her life.
  15. She is so humorous and gentle, even if she puts you in your place immediately.
  16. She likes to read (this is a must for a wife of mine because I read so much).
  17. She can cook (oh, the chicken alfredo is to die for). 
  18. She loves God and has one of the most serving hearts that I have seen. 
  19. She loves to sit in the park and have a picnic (even if she doesn’t want to go camping that much).
  20. She encourages me more than anyone ever has in my life (which is great because I have been blessed in this area ever since birth). 
  21. She is faithful and loyal almost to the point of getting on your nerves (just kidding – this is splendid). 
  22. She laughs at my jokes; if they don’t go over well, she laughs at me too.  Adorable.
  23. She has the best dimples anyone can have (yep, watch out A.C. Slater). 
  24. She already has our first few kids’ names picked out. 

And finally, she helps point me to God even though I am not confident yet in the leadership that God has given me. 

It is such a blessing and honor to say that in a few short months, Victoria Sharee Harrison is going to be wife from then until forever.  I look forward to the moment that we say, “I do” more than anything that I have ever faced.  Our lives together are going to be filled with laughter and joy and I am so ecstatic that God has brought her into my life.  I pray that you find someone just as special to you as I have found Vickie for me and my life. 

I love you, Vickie,


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