5.3.09 setlist


Once again I had the privilege of leading worship at Daystar, my home church in Greensboro, NC.  It always amazes me to see God’s people sing praise to their King and it is such a humbling experience to be a part of that experience. 

This week was a little different for me because I was asked to sub in for another worship leader on Thursday (the day of our rehearsal).  Despite the great opportunity, in some ways, it was somewhat frustrating, on my own part, because I could only rehearse the songs I led on Thursday night so on Sunday morning, I felt like I was playing catch up with everyone else because I have had a busy week.  I was going to try and practice on Saturday afternoon but I couldn’t find time to do that because I was moving my fiance into her (soon-to-be our) new apartment. 

Well here is the set list as I look back on it:

Let God Arise (Chris Tomlin) – I got to open up the service with this song and I felt really good about it.  In practice, I kept messing up by coming in early, but during the service it was pretty good.  In the second service, there was some issues with timing at the beginning but they worked it all out.  We introduced this song last week and it was cool to see how quickly people had picked up on it. 

Salvation is here (Hillsong United) – I have always loved this song.  Seeing that God is here is one of my favorite reminders in Scripture.  This is one of those songs that I have played a ton though but for some reason, it seemed new to me yesterday.  We added a loop at the beginning of the song that was pretty sweet.  I wish I had a recording but I don’t believe that we recorded the service this week.  It is something that I would definitely love to see happen soon. 

Across the Earth (Hillsong) – this is off the new Hillsong cd (This is our God) and when I first heard it last year, I did not like this song but it has grown on me and I really like it now.  Eric led this song and did a great job on it.  For some reason, I could never find the harmony on my part but the congregation was singing it out (especially great, since we just introduced a few weeks ago). 

Our God Reigns (Delirious? & Passion) – this is one of the anthems of our church.  God reigns and this is one of the things that we need to be reminded of more and more everyday.  “The Most High God is sovereign over the kingdoms of men” – Daniel 5:21. 

Counting on God (New Life Worship) – honestly, this is one of my least favorite worship songs.  It just seems to be too cliche but the team did a great job performing it.  Despite my dislikes of this song, I truly believe that this is one of the songs that is great for our church, because it is one of those songs that our youth simply attach themselves to more than most of the other ones we do. 

All in all, this was a really great service to serve in.  I am very privileged to do what I get to do.  

As always, I am very happy to do this post, knowing that I am getting the chance to do it along with many other worship leaders by joining in here at Fred McKinnon’s blog.


2 thoughts on “5.3.09 setlist

  1. Selecting songs that you don’t like…humility in action. There are times when I do that, and am amazed that it comes off nicely. Thanks for sharing with us from the Piedmont of our fair state.

  2. Often times we do songs that are not our personal favorites, but are still so important to the church. Many of the older songs get left behind because the tunes are outdated, so I often try to find fresh arrangements that are still recognizable. Of course this all depends on the make-up of your church.
    I love the songs your team played. I did’t recognize the last one so I’ll have to check it out!

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