I have always been a fan of stand up comedy so this dvd is right up my alley.  Also, I am starting to appreciate Netflix a lot more everyday. 

Anyways, this documentary centers around two stand up comedians.  An up-and-coming comedian, Orny Adams.  And Jerry Seinfeld, who is just getting back into the comedy circuit.

The documentary follows them around as they start to make some big connections and also, how they are learning to develop their jokes. 

Two great lessons I learned from this movie:
1) Do what you want to do because you will never be satisfied otherwise.
2) Be willing to work as hard as you can for what you want. 

I know that these two lessons are some of the most basic lessons that people learn throughout their lives.  But this movie really made it hit home for me.

This is a great thing to watch if:
1) You want a behind-the-scenes look into the comedic world.
2) You need to realize that even those on the top of their game have to work incredibly hard. 
3) You, yourself, want to become a comedian.
4) You need a good insight into the entertainment world.
5) You really, really like well-done jokes. 

This is not a movie for everyone.  It is quite slow at times but if you are into comedy, it is not too bad.  

4 out of 5.


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