a story

I have been re-thinking who it is I am supposed to be. 

I can’t quite describe it in words.  Not sure if I ever will but I know that I am drawn to stories.

What brings passion to my soul are stories.  I love sharing them.  Hearing them.  Watching them. 

However, I am just starting to wonder what story I have to tell the world.  Yearning to break out of the mold of the everyday to experience the eternal story laid before me. 

But since I don’t have one of my own for you today, I am going to claim another one (as Rob Bell says we should in Velvet Elvis). 

The story involves a guy who did a walking tour around China, which sounds quite amazing for me.  I am very aware that I cannot attempt that, especially with my knee in the shape that it is currently, but I admire his courage to attempt what others can only dream about.  His story encourages me to reach for the stars because he did it and in fact, does a great little photo/movie session at each stop.  I hope you will check it out here or here.


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