kanye way

Can you agree with me that there are few things more satisfying than seeing money roll into your pockets?

Can you even fathom or imagine a future with a new kind of currency? 
Can you picture a place where we don’t have the same old dollar bills that we are used to seeing rolling into, but mostly coming out of, our pockets? 

If you can’t picture new money, I dare you to check it out here.  I bet you will find a spark of creativity unlike you have seen in a long time. 

If you haven’t noticed, it is hard to re-create something.  

In fact, it was at a Chic-Fila the other day where, I was listening to some old school music and it dawned on me how hard it is for someone to take a sample of a song (most know this as the style of Kanye West) and make it new.  Kanye takes certain elements of a song and crafts it to form a brand new song.

The song that sparked this idea at that Chic-Fila was “I’ll be missing you” by Puff Daddy (pre P-Diddy), Faith Evans and 112.  They took a popular song “Every Breath you take” by the Police and turned into a tribute to Notorious B.I.G., shortly after his untimely death.  This song astounds me because I don’t think of the Police when I hear it, even though I love their version as well.  When I hear it, I think of Puff Daddy and Family.  They made it their own.

P-Diddy and crew took something familiar and made it different. 
They took something ordinary and you know, made it extra-ordinary.  

In fact, Kanye has been excused of sampling songs all the time.  Many say he can’t even do a song without a sample.  Well that may be true, but it just proves my point – you can take something old and make it new for as long as you have ideas.  After all, there is nothing new under the sun.

I believe that you don’t need a blank canvas to make a masterpiece
All you need is an idea and it doesn’t have to be yours
The point is to take what you see and dream and make it reality. 

That’s what I call the Kanye way

And who came up with the idea that you can’t take someone’s idea and make it your own?  We do it all the time.  If people didn’t take ideas and put their own spin on it, what kind of cars do you think that we would all be driving?  It would probably the original Ford model T

Nope, that was originally someone else’s idea.  Henry Ford just made it better. 

If we stopped taking ideas and perfecting them or progressing them, where would we be? 

Just so you know – we would still be in caves (because we didn’t want to build houses because it wasn’t our idea), wearing garments we made out of lions (because Joe down the block came up with the idea of clothes that we didn’t want to improve upon) that we killed to obtain food (because we didn’t want to take the idea of a microwave and kitchen too far because it was someone else’s idea) waiting for an original idea that no one had thought of before, which by the way, will never come. 

What do you need to re-create that is lacking life and substance? 

Maybe, you need to join the Kanye way.


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