Divine Commodity

commoditySkye Jethani is one of my favorite authors.  As far as I am aware, he has not written any other books, but I am going to plead with him to write some more.  Many more.

This book was great.  I loved it so much.  And I needed it so much.  I, myself, am a Consumer Christian.

Using his words, “My secret is that I want to be relevant and popular.  I want my desires fulfilled and pain minimized.  I want a manageable relationship with an institution rather than messy relationships with real people.  I want to be transformed into the image of Christ by showing up at entertaining events rather than throguh the hard work of discipline.  I want to wear my faith on my sleeve and not look at the darkness in my heart.  And above all, I want a controllable god.  I want a divine commodity to do my will on earth as well as in heaven.” (174) 

Starting off at a worship service filled with lights and sounds not uncommon to concert venues, Skye sensed his growing frustration with the church being all about entertainment so he began searching for a life that needed rejuvenation.  So using some of the descriptions of the life and art of Vincent Van Gogh, he immediately captures the reader’s imagination and captivates their spirit.  He directs us to the disciplines that we so often forsake – fasting, prayer, worship, silence, etc – and leads us on a journey to the heart of what God desires for us. 

Skye Jethani writes with a poetic quality untapped in many pulpits.  And his imagination astounds me.  It is no wonder that he is one of the leading voices in the church today as the managing editor of Leadership Journal

If you are searching for something past the mundane of your life, read this book.
If you need rejuvenation in your soul because your imagination has wandered off, read this book

This book will hit you in the teeth and leaving you gasping for air.  I cannot recommend this book more highly than I am now. 

5 out of 5 stars.


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