Some links for you to take a moment and look through:

  1. Violins and hip hop.  How can this be leveraged in a church setting? 
  2. What you do after you do your thing (in this case specifically, it is preaching) can be just as important as what you do preparing.  Check it out at Furtick’s blog here
  3. I love Seth Godin‘s blog.  Probably my favorite.  Check out his ideas here on what to do now if you can’t find a job or if you are not in a job you truly desire for your life.
  4. I am a big fan of jazz and blues music.  Check out a clip here that rivets my soul to desire excellence in those artforms. 
  5. Speaking of jazz and the blues, Steven Furtick shares some great ideas here that he has about leadership taken from those artforms. 
  6. Contextualization is the key to success.  Is your preaching killing your church plant? 
  7. I just saw this and thought that it would be beneficial for those in leadership.  Its long but what I have read so far is really good. 
  8. I really want to read this new book by Driscoll.  One of the funniest titles I have seen for a book. 
  9. I love movies and I love speeches that inspire.  Combine those and you get this

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