Collapse of Distinction – Scott McKain

collapse_of_distinctionThis book caught my eye in the Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers program that I am a part of.

I loved the title of this book and honestly I really enjoyed the concepts of this book.  McKain spends a great deal of time showing the reader that most businesses, and in my case, most churches, don’t offer anything different. 

I have heard it said that people who follow where everyone else is going can only expect to get to, duh, where everyone else is going.  This book offers practical ideas on how to take your business, your customers, your networks, your group to a place of a new distinction. 

McKain points out that it is all about differentiation.  If you don’t have distinction in what you do, no one will see you.  No one will go looking for you.  He points out many examples from Apple to Southwest Airlines and all the places in between who are different from those who sell the same things they sell. 

Here is probably my favorite quote from the book:
“We’re often a mile wide and an inch deep when it comes to knowing what would really make a difference for the very people we seek to serve.”  

We need to learn about our audience.  What do they desire?  What do they wish to see happen? 

For me, this means looking at the way people do church and figure out what works (or more specifically, what connects) and then go and improve on that. 

What does it mean for you to succeed in what you do?  What kind of picture comes to mind?

3 out of 5 stars.


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