Here are some things that are a) funny, b) inspiring, or c) something you should check out. 

1.  Chris Daughtry in disguise at Comic-Con.
2.  As expected Carlos has a great blog for you to ponder concerning those who follow you (via twitter, facebook, or whatever else), click here.
3.  How come most churches have a Hillsong song in your set list?  See Tony’s thoughts on it here.
4.  Check out this article about figuring out what kind of man you want to be over at the Desiring God blog.  (Ladies, should read it too.)
5.  Speaking of ladies, all men should read this post by Perry Noble and assess how they treat the women in their lives.
6. Unlike most people, I actually find Jimmy Fallon funny.  I don’t watch his show though.  But here is a video of his about communicating, that is simply great.  It is very reminscient of Adam Sandler back in the day doing his most popular songs.

Have a great Tuesday.  What kind of links are you enjoying now?


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