God brings the heat

I am learning that God loves to smack people in the face. 

Seriously, I truly mean this.  I know it is funny to think about a deity that would come down here just to pop you in the lip but there is truth to it. 

Have you ever had one of those moments where you have to be hit in order to see things clearly?  A moment where your life will not change unless you are struck with a new thought or a new way of thinking.

Yesterday, I got the smack beat out of me. 

You see, yesterday was not a good day for me.  It all started when I was getting ready to leave for seminary.  I couldn’t find my notebook which was desperately needed in that moment.  So I left without it and had to do a few handwritten assignments over again. 

Then, class was just dragging me down and my teacher reminded about an assignment due in the near future that I had not known about. 

Then, on the way home, my car (2004 Honda Civic=lovely and glorious vehicle) starts acting dumb.  The battery light goes on.  Then the valve-like light goes on.  Then I turn off all the electronics (no air and no radio – two things I must have at all times) to preserve the electrical energy.  Then all the electronics start flicking on and off, on and off, leaving me thriving in anger.  Then the car shuts off just inside the Greensboro city limits. 

Long story short, the wife and I are in a tight financial situation and a huge repair bill doesn’t help that.  God smacked me in the face. 

Now we have to figure out how to pay a $500 car bill, but for some reason, all this shifted our perspective.  We prayed and I feel fine.  I feel stupid because I wasn’t prepared for this, but honestly it will work out.  Not sure how.  But it will work out. 

All the above, simply to say: 
God smacking you in the face equals greater truth being internalized in your life.  A fist from God equals a new direction in you.  Because when God moves you, you can’t do anything but go in that direction.   

God brings the heat simply to mold you.


The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown

the_lost_symbolDo you ever find yourself captivated by someone’s ability to do what they do? 

That is my take on Dan Brown. 

I have always loved his books.  I have read almost all of them.  The only that remains is Digital Fortress.  He writes with such knowledge that it astounds you and he sure knows how to build up his suspense. 

Some thoughts on this book:
1) He writes short chapters.  4 or 5 pages.  I love that because he gets straight to the point.  Why can’t more books do that?  If they did that, books would be shorter and better. 
2) Where does he study all this material?  He can’t just make it up.  I don’t believe that was he is saying is always true, but come on, he is good. 
3) I love the fact that it takes place in Washington, D.C.  Vickie and I were talking the other day about how most good stories don’t take place over here in America.  Its always London or Egypt or something that I likely won’t get to visit.
4) I just might read Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons again. 
5) As I was progressively moving through this book, I couldn’t help but think, “slow down because it is almost over.”  That is what all writers should strive for.  It is my opinion that in order to do this, one must write less and leave one wanting more
6) What should I read now?

I joined the craze of what Dan Brown means to publishing shortly after the Da Vinci Code came out. 

Before the churches took over and sent millions to read his book because they were attacking it. 

Is it sometimes best to ignore rather than to send people to the store in fascination with the controversial writings he had going on? 

This book stars the same character from the Da Vinci Code and its predecessor, Angels & Demons.  Robert Langdon. 

This book is good.  Very, very good.  Might be better than the two above.  Not sure though. 

***Disclaimer:  I hate doing a review on a fiction book because I can’t write about the plot (because unlike some jerks, I don’t want to ruin a book) which is the whole point of the book.  So read it for yourself.  I loved it.