what to do when there is nothing else to do

These days are tough.

Not sure if it is me or not.

Not sure if it is true or I am simply thinking it is rough, when I am just a pansy.

What to do….

trust in God.

That’s all I am learning.

For now, I am trying hard to get into the Word a lot more, because I don’t have any idea of what else to do.

It is funny how that works.

In this moment, I am going to the Word last.  When it should be first?

I guess it is good that since all of my plans have run out and ended up worthless, I am now relying on God.

Proverbs 3:5


derek webb concert 9.30.09

On September 30*, Vickie and I went to the Derek Webb concert and I really enjoyed it. 


The environment was superb.  It is a new coffee shop/church which is a really cool idea. 

However, I didn’t enjoy the concert that much.  Here’s why:

  1. Most of the people were standing.  There were not even chairs out.  I think that all concerts should give you a choice of what to do.  Don’t just force something on people.
  2. Derek Webb played his set list straight from the cd.  This annoys the mess out of me because it takes no effort for me to put the cd in my cd player and play it straight through.  Change it up.
  3. Derek Webb cusses.  In his new song, “What matters most”, he throws out a couple of cuss words.  Not sure how I feel about that.  I used to think it was a good thing because it gets you to think about how we care more about language than we do about people dying.  But after thinking about it more, not sure if his point will get across at all to some. 

But despite some of the above things I didn’t like.  I did like the fact that he told a funny story about people requesting the “Freebird” song by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  Also I believe that he did a great job of playing songs acoustically that people requested.  And finally, his new stuff is completely new and very much not like his other stuff.  This is a good thing to me because he is trying to push the envelope and get new ideas, both musically and lyrically, out there. 

* I know that this is like two weeks late.  Get over it.

more to come

The past few months have been wonderful.  Simply wonderful. 

My bride and I are truly learning more and more about each other.  And… I love it.  Hope she does too. 

Well, I have not written much on this blog because honestly, I haven’t felt like saying that much. 

In celebration of a possible return, here are some things I am excited about, in Chris’ words, “bullet style”:

  • Seminary.  Honestly, in the past, I never liked school.  Right now, I am kind of enjoying it.  At least the readings that they are giving us in massive amounts.
  • Marriage.  Yeah, every since I was little, I wanted to be married but for some reason, I never thought that that day would have come.  I am loving it very much.  It is hard at times (mainly because men are stupid, selfish jerks – Vickie’s words, not mine – ok, it is my phrase) but it is very much worth it. 
  • Music.  God is putting me around a lot of great musicians and we are starting to develop some new things.  I am truly excited about it.
  • Church.  I am helping a church plant again.  Well, actually I have two churches at the moment.  I am back at the Patio connecting.  And with 24/7 Church, leading worship in the beginning stages of a church pre-launch. 
  • Vision.  God is truly been pouring into me about what I am called to do with my life.  A lot of these thoughts are in the beginning stages so I am not going to let the blogworld know, but be praying because there is a lot of hard work in the future to accomplish these dreams. 
  • Responsibility.  Never before have I had so much responsibility. 
    Let me show you what I am talking about – 
    – leading a team to create a culture and atmosphere of worship
    –  volunteering at another church when I can
    – being a groomsmen in tons of weddings and playing music (sometimes simultaneously)4) being married to a beautiful and brilliant wife
    – having a dog that is ridiculously crazy and stubborn and also cute
    – making plans to possibly move into someplace better (be praying for us)
    – seminary with all of the heartaches and joy that that brings
    – starting to get back into music more than ever before (which consists of songwriting – just beginning stages, lessons – more coming around the corner, and simply playing new places and new stuff). 

All in all, my life is busier than it ever has been and I am loving it more and more everyday. 

Also, I am trying to get back into the writing game.  Thoughts are there, just not the motivation and energy because of the above things occupying my time.  I will keep you better informed from now on.