more to come

The past few months have been wonderful.  Simply wonderful. 

My bride and I are truly learning more and more about each other.  And… I love it.  Hope she does too. 

Well, I have not written much on this blog because honestly, I haven’t felt like saying that much. 

In celebration of a possible return, here are some things I am excited about, in Chris’ words, “bullet style”:

  • Seminary.  Honestly, in the past, I never liked school.  Right now, I am kind of enjoying it.  At least the readings that they are giving us in massive amounts.
  • Marriage.  Yeah, every since I was little, I wanted to be married but for some reason, I never thought that that day would have come.  I am loving it very much.  It is hard at times (mainly because men are stupid, selfish jerks – Vickie’s words, not mine – ok, it is my phrase) but it is very much worth it. 
  • Music.  God is putting me around a lot of great musicians and we are starting to develop some new things.  I am truly excited about it.
  • Church.  I am helping a church plant again.  Well, actually I have two churches at the moment.  I am back at the Patio connecting.  And with 24/7 Church, leading worship in the beginning stages of a church pre-launch. 
  • Vision.  God is truly been pouring into me about what I am called to do with my life.  A lot of these thoughts are in the beginning stages so I am not going to let the blogworld know, but be praying because there is a lot of hard work in the future to accomplish these dreams. 
  • Responsibility.  Never before have I had so much responsibility. 
    Let me show you what I am talking about – 
    – leading a team to create a culture and atmosphere of worship
    –  volunteering at another church when I can
    – being a groomsmen in tons of weddings and playing music (sometimes simultaneously)4) being married to a beautiful and brilliant wife
    – having a dog that is ridiculously crazy and stubborn and also cute
    – making plans to possibly move into someplace better (be praying for us)
    – seminary with all of the heartaches and joy that that brings
    – starting to get back into music more than ever before (which consists of songwriting – just beginning stages, lessons – more coming around the corner, and simply playing new places and new stuff). 

All in all, my life is busier than it ever has been and I am loving it more and more everyday. 

Also, I am trying to get back into the writing game.  Thoughts are there, just not the motivation and energy because of the above things occupying my time.  I will keep you better informed from now on.


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