I have always been a last minute person. 

I used to tell people it was because I thought best when working last minute.  
I would have said that it helped me focus. 

But that is simply not true. 

What lies have you convinced yourself of? 

I am currently trying to work through some of the things that I have said to others, but mostly to myself, so that I can try and figure out if they are true or not. 

I call it the “lie detector test.” 

I’ll let you know some things I learn.


what scares you?

What scares you?

Nothing scares me more than late night Christianity.

Leading people down a road away from God “in the name of God” is what scares me the most.

It scares me because you can do all kinds of things and still be wrong.

In fact, you can be completely sincere and still end up in the wrong place.

How often do we miss out on what God is calling us to do because we are doing something else (that might be entirely missing the point)?

That’s my two cents.  (I think I want a catchy phrase to close out sayings like Sid Batts does on Murphy in the Morning“Just a thought”)

100 days and counting

God has been good to Vickie and I.

As of today, we have been married for 100 days.
And coincidentally, today is also our one year anniversary since we started dating.

I know what you are thinking.  Short time of courting and engagement, right?

It was.  But we wanted it that way.  Why postpone what you know to be the right thing to do?

We are celebrating by going out on the town.  Alone.  It feels as if we haven’t been out on a date in a while.  I know, we are lame.  Or I guess I am lame, because I am supposed to plan the dates.

100 days and counting.  Exciting days are definitely ahead.

Oh, bonus for you readers
Mike Reeve pointed out on Vickie’s facebook page that I wrote this comment on his blog on January 13, 2007*:
“I think it is great that God gives husbands wives who are just out of their league.  That is what I want.  I am reminded of a quote someone told me once.  “I have to seek after Him to get her.”  Although, I don’t want to seek God for a woman, I do want a wife who will make me stay connected to God in order to keep her.”

That quote is so revealing to how much God has molded me for this moment.  It is also cool because another close friend, Mike Astuto (who got married a couple of weeks ago), posted this comment on that same blog on the same day:
“Its been my prayer for a long time to find a wife that has such an undying love for me. My prayer that I would have such an adoring undying love for her… and stories like that help me to believe that this is possible. Im not sure why im so infatuated with being married. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said ” Every girl I have ever dated either got bored with me or I got bored with them.” I want to find someone that doesnt get bored with me, I think im pretty boring guy and if I could find a girl that never got bored with me, I think she would be acomplishing something pretty special. I often wonder why Gods love doesnt seem like its enough,  I just pray one day I can write a blog like that about my marriage with my wife.”

I am so glad that God truly gave me a woman who is far beyond any dreams that I ever had.

The ONE thing I have learned since being married:
Cherish your time with your wife and family.  Nothing else matters above that.  Nothing can ever replace it.

*Here is the link to that blog by Mike Reeve if you want to read it.