’09 in review

As most of you are likely doing, I am reviewing the year. Not by going through a standard set of questions but by simply trying to review it through my thoughts.

And I must say that this year was remarkable.  There were definitely moments of frustration and moments to agonize over.  But overall, it was truly something to remember. 

In 2009, I got:

  1. Engaged (February 10)
  2. A dog (little Kate – circa April)
  3. Married (July 25)
  4. A house (November 30)
  5. News of being pregnant (December 15)

I don’t know about you, but that is a pretty big and eventful year.  Lots of other things happened, such as helping to transition a college ministry into a church, and building on old relationships and seeing the conception of a whole new batch of ideas.  But the 5 things above will always be on my mind.  They are life-changing things that simply cannot be topped. 

What are some of the greatest parts of your year? 

Let me know via facebook, email or comment.


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