Baby Bunch Chronicles 1.18.10

This is the first of many entries into a new span of my life. 

I call it the Baby Bunch Chronicles.  I hope you enjoy. 


Vickie and I went to the OB/GYN today and we got to ask all kinds of questions to our doctor/midwife.  It turned out to be quite the ecstatic experience.  I don’t know why but for some reason I was not excited about this beforehand.  Maybe it was nerves.  Maybe it was my anxiousness to know about the health of our baby.  Either way, I was not as excited about this as I could have ,or probably should have, been. 

We had to wait outside in the waiting room which always makes me anxious and talkative.  Vickie had to tell me a couple times to hush because I was, in her words, “letting all the other people in on our conversation.”  I guess I am more open than most people.  Oh well.

After the waiting game, we went in and did some tests.  All turned out great.  Positive or negative, depending on the best outcome.  (Having something turn out negative makes me feel like Michael Scott on the Office when he was told that Kevin’s skin cancer test came back negative.  Michael started crying because he thought Kevin was a goner.) 

Then the doctor/midwife pulled a little baby monitor thing (not the technical title) and put it on Vickie’s stomach.  She showed us Vickie’s heartbeat which was at about 80 (my baby is perfect).  Then she showed us a heartbeat that was at about 180 and that sounded like a humming bird.  The doctor/midwife said that it was chirping.  I could swear that she said “their heartbeats,” meaning twins but Vickie says that I was hearing things.  Time will tell.  Please not twins.  I can’t handle a dog right now much less two kids. 

Hearing a little heartbeat is awesome.  My dad said that it is a life-altering moment.  I can’t believe that God let Vickie and I have this.  The doctor/midwife told us that our baby (too soon to tell for the gender) is healthy.  She was even a little surprised that she could hear the heartbeat that loud and clear almost instaneously.  If you know me, my baby is going to be a loud and vocal kid.  It was like Baby Bunch was saying, “Sorry world, hear me roar.”   

More to come. 



Bobcats 102, Rockets 94

I went to my first NBA game last night. 

Not really a Bobcats fan but I was excited to be there just the same.  I am still not convinced that the NBA can compare to NCAA basketball.  There was definitely not any real die-hard fans there last night, except for Mike (but he was going for the away team). 

Mike even said that he wanted to start to cheer for the Bobcats because it was so quiet.  You could hear the air conditioning last night.  So sad.  It reminded me of my high school basketball team’s crowd. 

Also it was sad to see that Mike’s team lost.  I think he cried. 

Recap here.

’10 can’t compare with ’09

I thought about sharing my thoughts on how to make 2010 a better year than last year. 

I was going to focus on the things that I could improve and the things that I could stop doing altogether. 

But I didn’t, as you can tell. 

The reason is because I do not think that 2010 can compete with 2009. 

Gasp.  Yeah, I said it. 

’09 had some of the best things in the world happen to me.  Yeah, I started off unemployed and lost without a cause but as the year progressed, I became a car salesman, a better worship leader, a husband, a houseowner and a soon to be father.  I was even entrusted with finances through my church and organization at my job.  Things I never thought would happen happened.  And I am doing quite well, if you ask me. 

2010 won’t compare to 2009. 

Not really because it is better, but simply because it isn’t supposed to. 

I am tired of reviewing my past to prepare for the future.  You can’t do it.  You can’t improve upon it.  You simply have to leverage your past to stay on the journey God has for you in the future. 

So I am not going to review the past year.  Not because of any lack of regret or frustrations at my own incapabilities but simply because I  have so much going for me at the moment.  I don’t want to get sidetracked. 

The past was pretty great. 
The future is going to be greater. 
Yet the present is the greatest of all.   

Live each moment fully.  That’s what I plan on doing.