a bad rap

Doubting Thomas has gotten a bad rap. 

Here he is.  A disciple of Jesus.  Someone who walked with him day in and day out for 3 years. 

Yet he doubts.  He slips up.  He falters.  In some people’s eyes, he has jumped ship. 

But I am not so sure I agree with them.

Yes, he didn’t believe that Jesus rose from the dead one day after the resurrection. 

But wouldn’t you do the same?  Don’t you do the same every day?  Spoiler alert – Jesus isn’t my central thought every single moment.  He isn’t on the throne of my existence as sit and joke crudely.  Sometimes busyness creeps in and I lose focus on who Jesus is. 

Is it so bad that we forget?  I think the answer yes and no. 

Yes because we always need to remember that Jesus is sovereign over the kingdoms of men.  But also no, because we are on a journey and we are not down walking it. 

That is why we need people around us to remind us of who Jesus is when we forget.  Because, let’s face it, we will forget. 

So when we forget, remind us.  Don’t judge us.  Remind us.  We all need reminding.  And maybe, when you forget, we will remind you. 

I have heard that there are two different types of teaching, one is simply teaching new material to people.  And the other, which I prefer, is simply reminding people of what they already know (hopefully in a new and creative way). 

What do you think the Church needs to be reminded of at this moment?


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