Baby Bunch Chronicles 2.10.10

The saga continues…

Well actually not really.

You see, Vickie and I were supposed to have another visit to the doctor yesterday.  Yet nature took its course and knocked down a ton of trees and killed the power to many places.

Including our doctors. 

I was greatly looking forward to sharing more details.  But I can’t at the moment. 

Just so you know, Vickie is doing good and dealing with the morning sickness is something that she is glad to be out of (mostly).  I am still learning about how to treat her the best I can and make sure that she knows that I cherish her always.  But I still falter.  Yet she loves me and is still truly excited to have a Baby Bunch on the way. 

Also, we have some names picked out and have told a select few what those are.  By the way, if you are one of those few and you happen to share with others without our permission, we will truly hunt you down. 

Hopefully more is on the way soon…


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