January, 2010 books

I love the breaks that I get from school.  I always have. 

Not just because of the extra sleep that I get but because I can catch up on some reading for fun, which is probably my favorite hobby. 

Each month I am going to try and recap in short terms what I have read.  Here is the first and I am sorry that it is so late. 

Here is what I read throughout January, 2010 and my twitter-like thoughts on each:

1.  The 5 temptations of a CEO – Patrick Lencioni  –  Lencioni is a great author but this one was too short and did not really convince me of anything. 

2.  Mudhouse Sabbath – Lauren Winner  – I picked this up from the library hoping for a new perspective on some spiritual disciplines, yet it lacked in content but the stories were great. 

3.  Religion Saves – Mark Driscoll  –  I must admit that I did not read this whole book.  Not because of the writing but simply because of time constraints.  I will pick it up again.  He tackled many questions that Christians have and showed how each one biblically can be defined.  My favorite chapters were the ones on dating and birth control. 

4.  Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer – My wife, Vickie, got me started in the Twilight series simply by talking about it ceaselessly.  I picked up the first one and loved it then read the remaining 3.  This one was good but I did not like the ending that much.  It felt rushed. 



5.  Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone – J.K. Rowling – One of my goals this year was to read the Harry Potter series from start to finish.  This first one is really good and I believe that the movie was pretty faithful to it.  The movie might be the most faithful to a book that I have seen. 



6.  Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K. Rowling  – This second book is quite annoying at times.  The writing is great and the stories is good but Rowling makes a character that drives me up the wall and frustrates me more than any other character since Jar Jar Binks.  Can you guess who it is?



7.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K. Rowling – This third book is my favorite book in the series thus far and from what I have read of the whole series (I read all but the last one).  Sirius is a great character and his appearance is great.  Rowling had the best twists in this book. 

What books are you reading these days?


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