links of the week (2.12.10 edition)

New feature on the Bunch Blog –
Links of the Week.

Here is the first batch:

  1. The story of Lost as told/experienced by writers at Newsweek.  Thanks to Mike for pointing this out to me.
  2. 36 songs that use the same chords.  This is something that I have always seen in pop music and especially among the Christian music scene.  Very funny take on Don’t Stop Believing. 
  3. Live Remixes of worship from Elevation Church in Charlotte.  This church is doing some of the best things that I have seen in a worship music so I strongly suggest that you should check out their blogs if you are interested.  Click “To know your name” at about 1:24 and hear one of the best key solos I have ever heard. 
  4. I love reading.  Check out these two blogs about reading more and better.  Great stuff. 

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