links of the week (2.19.10 edition)

What do these three things have in common?


They are all featured in my favorite links of the week.  Here you go:

  1. Rob Bell on the art of preaching.
  2. Scott Hodge shares the two things he believes are worship leader essentials.  This is something that anyone in ministry should read, but especially worship leaders.  Short and concise. 
  3. I have always loved palindromes.  I saw this one a long time ago from Weird Al in the style of Bob Dylan.  But I wish to show you this one because it has truth that people in our generation need to know.  Thanks to Todd Williams for throwing it in my direction.  
  4. Since I am starting a phase of finding new instrumental music, I wanted to show you two songs and videos that I have replayed a lot recently.  Here is the first with the song “Your hand in mine” by Explosions in the Sky and here is the second with the song, “Autumn” by Ganga.  What is your favorite instrumental music pieces?
  5. I love little videos that communicate a lot of trust in a short amount of time.  John Saddington has little ‘caption please’ videos all the time. But The one from today is quite amazing.  It really makes you think about all the things that you are constantly running to. 
  6. I am concluding this week with my favorite commercial of the year and possibly of my whole life.  You will truly enjoy this

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