links of the week (2.26.10)

  1. Tullian Tchividjian, who is Billy Graham’s grandson, wrote this great article for preachers.  But also for anyone who wishes to live out the Gospel in their everyday lives.
  2. This video is by the group at Mars Hill (Driscoll).  This is for all the worship leaders out there who specifically have a rough time keeping music and God in the proper perspective.  But I believe that everyone can get something out of this video by Cam Huxford. 
  3. I am a big fan of the movement known as People of the Second Chance and this post about not being silent was great.  I wish that I had known this recently as a friend of mine was silently suffering with no one to turn to.  I might have failed this person but I am encouraged for the next opportunity where I can encourage and strengthen.
  4. Michael Hyatt has one of the best blogs out there.  I read it to be a better leader as well as to know a little bit more about writing books.  This post by him can be heeded by all thriving to lead in their organization. 
  5. I have not always been an American Idol fan but this year there are some people that I am astounded by.  I am just going to come out and say it – Andrew Garcia is the best singer to come through American Idol that I have ever seen.  Here are my favorite clips of him thus far:


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