February, 2010 books

Can you believe that it is already March, 2010? 

Here is the batch of books that I read in February and my short little thoughts on them (the numbers coincidence to how many I have read all year):

8.  Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K. Rowling – I am still trying to work through this series and it simply keeps getting better.  I believe that this is even better the second time through.  The Goblet of Fire has new wizards and it is actually getting darker than the previous books.  This could be the Empire Strikes Back of the series. 

9. Clowning in Rome – Henri J.M. Nouwen – This book was good for me but it did not serve the purpose of furthering my time in solitude and silence.  However, Nouwen gives the reader some great ideas and great reasons for finding those moments and what the benefits of those moments of meditation are. 


10. Dug Down Deep – Joshua Harris – I have always liked Joshua Harris and this book did not disappoint.  However, it was very basic for one who is wanting to grow deeper in their knowledge of the faith.  There were a lot of good quotes that I gathered from it.

10. Total Church – Tim Chester and Steve Timmis – This was required reading for my pastoral ministry class so I had to read it.  However, I found myself rethinking a lot of the reasons why I feel church should be the way it is.  I have rethought how one should connect to a church and this book even made me consider starting a church plant a few years down the road.  Must for anyone in ministry as well as anyone who wants to re-examine their views on church. 

11. Leading on Empty – Wayne Cordeiro – This book was lent to by a friend and I enjoyed it.  Most of the stuff in it was very basic but he had some great philosophies for planning around a minister’s schedule which can be quite hectic.  Cordeiro also pointed a lot of other books to help sustain anyone who has a busy schedule and how to find time to renew and refresh yourself.  The best part of the book were the quotes and the resources that he pointed his reader to. 

 13. Pastoral Ministry – John MacArthur – This was another required reading for me yet I found a lot of great insights in this book.  It was written by many different people on staff with MacArthur and at the Master’s Seminary.  I found the resources very helpful in gaining insight into what I must do to become a better pastor.  The required reading is a must but this is not a great book to read straight through and should be divulged when needed. 

14. The Expectant Father – Armin A. Brott and Jennifer Ash – This book has been very helpful for me in trying to understand my wife and figuring out where my feelings are coming from when it relates to my wife’s pregnancy.  As I have been reading it, I have noticed just how often it is mentioned in movies about pregnancies and all.  Must reading for any father who has no idea what is going on with his wife during this time.  This book is easy to read unlike some of the more medical books on pregnancies.  It will be a resource that I will deliver to others as well as one that I will reference again and again.  Also I technically read most of this in January but whatever.  I finished it in February so that is where I am putting it.

What books are you reading that we should check out?


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