links of the week (3.5.10)

What things have you seen on the Internet that have either encouraged, strengthened or inspired you recently?  This past week has been pretty inspiring for me.  Who knows if it will turn into anything creative on my part?  Maybe, because I do have a new song on the horizon.

Here is what I have seen this week that did that either encouraged, strengthened or inspired me:

  1. This video called Lost Things.  Great music and great video to watch.
  2. Another video that I found from Andrew Garcia, the one I think who should win American Idol.  This video has him covering some Michael Jackson songs.  The girl on the video can sing great too.  They have some good harmonies.  But I found it odd when they were simply staring at the camera.  However, I can’t resist an awkward moment.
  3. One of my favorite blogs over the past 3 years has been Carlos WhittakerThis one simply asks a question and discuss.  What a great community he has going on.
  4. Donald Miller hits the topic of why our motives matter here.
  5. Stop motion animation has always fascinated me.  Star Wars has always been one of my favorite series.  Legos are great.  This video combines all 3 elements.
  6. I loved Pete Wilson‘s thoughts here on the iPhone app that allows you to delete text messages to your phone so you won’t get caught cheating.  It is appropriately named “TigerTexts.”
  7. I love hearing how churches start.  Here is one of Jay Hardwick’s blog posts about what it took to start his church, Awaken.
  8. I was encouraged by this post from Steven Furtick.
  9. Here is one of my favorite songs by one of my favorite worship teams.
  10. One of the most uniting things taking place in churches today is starting back up in June.  One Prayer.
  11. I am a few weeks late but here is the new We are the World.
  12. This music video, which is brought you to by OK GO, the trendmill-extraordinaires, is also highly creative and fun.

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