links of the week (3.12.10 edition)

Another Friday.  Another list of links for you to ponder and take a gander through.

  1. Uncool people need Jesus too.  This is a must read post for church planters.  Title says it all.
  2. Madison Richard’s thoughts on Donald Miller’s new book struck me.  Not because it is a review.  But because it is something that I need to see lived out in my own way.  After all, a story worth sharing is a story worth living.
  3. The key to leadership is delegation.  I know this from some successful experiences, but mainly from failures.  This was a great article, specifically for pastors, but for all who wish to simply be better at outsourcing as well as to learn the reasons behind it.
  4. This blog post got me thinking about leadership.  Here is the list without his great notes: The 5 marks of authentic leadership according to Michael Hyatt are Insight, Initiative, Influence, Impact, and Integrity.
  5. Why are sermons so long?  What if we switched the messages in our church to say 5 minutes?  What would happen?  Read this post and you might consider it.
  6. Things you can’t do when you’re not a dog.   Funny video.
  7. My favorite commercial of all time is the most recent Old Spice commercial featuring the guy one the horse.  Hilarious.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is.  But I found something even that made that video so much more better.  They used hardly any CGI.  It was mostly made live without the use of computers.  Here is a making of video for you to see how.

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