links of the week (3.19.10 edition)

Another Friday.  Another list of things for you to read.

  1. Real men are bridesmaids.  Posts like these are great reminders of why we do what we do.  Is it for our glory or for God’s?  Also the picture at the top is hilarious.
  2. The Lonely Entrepreneur is Lame.  This post by John Saddington is all about having a team behind you.
  3. Integrity should be your highest virtue.  This post by Michael Hyatt motivated me once again to make integrity something to always strive for no matter what.
  4. Sometimes I forget what a pastor is going through.  This post, which is actually an email to Clayton King after he spoke at Newspring about protecting the pastor, is great in order to remind yourself that pastors are people too.  They have a lot on their plates and sometimes they don’t have anyone to help hold them up in support and encouragement.
  5. I found this post great fun.  The 15 noteworthy that changed the internet.  Agree or disagree with what should or should not be on there?
  6. We all have communication issues sometimes.  Here is a post that I thought was helpful for avoiding mistakes when communicating expectations. 
  7. One of my favorite worship songs was tainted and unused almost immediately after it took the world by storm.  That song is Healer by Mike Guglielmucci and it was frowned upon because the story of Mike’s cancer was a lie.  However, this post redeems that song for me.  This is my favorite post of the week
  8. Content is what matters.  After all, if you have every kind of equipment yet nothing to say, it is all for not.  Great post on one of my favorite blogs. 
  9. So check this out, Donald Miller has a blog.  Yep, the guy who wrote Blue Like Jazz and Searching for God knows what.  That guy.  It’s also really, really good.  Here is a simple post about turning every-day actions into spiritual rituals

What things on the Internet are inspiring you?


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