quotes of the week (3.25.10 edition)

Sorry for putting this out so late.  I simply forgot yesterday.

Here are my favorite quotes from the past week:

  1. “My dream isn’t to be tied to who I am as much as it is who I need to be.” – Christy Leake, quoted on Ben Arment’s blog.
  2. “It’s the things that no one sees that produce the results that everyone wants.” – Craig Groeschel
  3. “For God is not the author of confusion.” – 1 Cor. 14:33
  4. “Complaining is typically followed by inactivity.” – Jon Acuff
  5. “Fundraising is as spiritual as giving a sermon, entering a time of prayer, visiting the sick, or feeding the hungry.” – Henri Nouwen
  6. “In the end, we are not going to be held accountable for the size of the ministries we built.  We will be judged on the size of the impact we made with those ministries.” – Miles McPherson
  7. “It felt wrong not to swing.” – Joquain Phoenix’s character in the movie, Signs, on why he always swung for the fence during his minor league baseball games (despite his huge home runs, he held the record for most strikeouts – similar to Brett Favre comparing his touchdowns to interceptions ratio)

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