links of the week (4.9.10 edition)

Fridays are my favorite days.  Not sure if it is the excitement of the weekend or what.  But I am excited for Fridays.  I am not sure what happened but they didn’t post on Friday, so here they are.  It is now Sunday.  I am sorry.

Here is another reason that I am excited about Fridays.  Links of the week:

  1. Perry Noble’s posts about pain.  Part 1Part 2Part 3.  All were great.  It helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel of being annoyingly sick.
  2. We all fail.  This is a great post by Mike Foster about how to deal with failure.
  3. I loved Seth Godin’s thoughts about how to successfully cause a revolution for the things that you are selling.  His thoughts on how Apple sold $150,000,000 worth of iPads was great.
  4. Mark Driscoll had some good thoughts on how to be a legalist.  I know that I have made my own rules like this sometimes.
  5. I wish Vickie and I were as artsy at home as the pictures in this post are.  Also, Promise‘s blog is one of my favorites to read.
  6. We are all trying to pursue our goals and dreams.  But what if instead of having to fit into the crowd, we simply created our own specialty.  That is what this great post is about.  Could specialization be the secret to success?
  7. Tim Challis is the king of reading books and writing book reviews.  Here is his viewpoint on how he reads a book.  He also had a great post about the writer’s life.
  8. Speaking of writing, I found this post called Seven Basic & Brief Pointers for Writers by Douglas Wilson very beneficial.

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