simply begin

What things bring out your passion?  What causes you to be excited?

I am quickly realizing that these are the things that you should be focusing on.  These are the things that breed life.

If you are stuck in a rut, please hear me scream out to you that there is more.  More to be experienced and taken ahold of.  More to start with and more to journey toward.  There is simply more that awaits you if you will simply open your eyes and see the beauty before you.  If you listen, you might just hear a new sound beckoning you forward.

For each of you, it is something different.  It could be a piece of music that you are supposed to write.  It could be a novel waiting to be written.  It could be a friend that you need to catch up with.

Whatever it is.  Go forward with it and do it.

Simply begin.  I am finding out that these are two of the strongest words in the English language.

Just start.  And let me know what it is.

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