Luther’s prayer as a pastor

As you all know, I am a big fan of quotes.  But as you might not know, I also look out for great prayers to pray that communicate great truth in short form.  Here is something I found on the internet.  It is Martin Luther’s prayer as a pastor.  Very great to prayer through and think through.

“Lord God, You have appointed me to be a pastor in Your Church.
You see how unfit I am to undertake this great and difficult office,
and were it not for Your help,
I would long since have ruined it all.
Therefore I cry unto You;
I will assuredly apply my mouth and my heart to Your service.
I desire to teach the people,
and I myself would learn ever more and diligently to meditate upon Your Word.
Use me as Your instrument,
only do not forsake me,
for if I am left alone I shall easily bring it all to destruction. Amen. ”

– Luther’s prayer as a pastor

I found this on Trevin Wax’s blog.

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